Audco Gate Globe Check Valves

Cryogenic Gate Valves - ASME Classes 150, 300 & 600

AIL Cast Steel Angle Globe Valves are tight sealing, easy-to-operate regulation valves for liquid and gaseous fluids over a wide range of line pressures and temperatures.

Angle Globe Valves operate in a manner similar to that of a globe valve. However, the 900 angle between the inlet and outlet pipes greatly reduces the pressure drop across the valve as compared to a conventional globe valve. These valves are used for flow control especially in systems where valve geometry or pressure drop is a concern.

Body and Bonnet

The flow to the body outlet is streamlined by the smooth curvature of the inner surface which minimises the pressure drop across the flow path. The bonnet is fitted with a bonnet bush to guide the stem and provide for back seating when the valve is open and under pressure.

Disc and Stem

The disc provides a fine bearing on a taper seal for tight sealing over a wide range of differential. pressures. As the seating between disc and body seat ring is a narrow line contact, tight sealing can be achieved even if any foreign particle gets stuck to the seating area. The disc and stem are held together by a disc nut with allowance for the disc to swivel. The disc has internal threads to receive the disc nut which retains the stem with the disc. A stem thrust plate is provided between the stem and the disc.

Body Seat Ring

A forged shoulder type body seat ring has threaded engagement with the body and a widetapered seating area. The body seat ring is tack welded to the body to prevent loosening. The seating surfaces are ground and lapped.